ChengPang Precision (suzhou) CO., LTD
Cheng Pang Precision (SuZhou) CO., LTD
Adhering to the "integrity-based, with all my heart" service concept; Adhere to the "honest, trust, innovation, and consultation" business philosophy.
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Adhere to the "honest, trust, innovation, and consulting" the management idea, time "to customer demand as own duty"
  • Standard 3-phase reducer motor
  • Standard 3-phase light duty mo
  • Standard 1-phase reducer motor
  • Standard 1-phase light duty mo
  • Vertical 1-3 phase motor
  • Other transmission motors
  • ChengPang AdvantageWith full quality perfect brand service, provide the best solution system
    About UsAdhere to the "honest, trust, innovation, and consulting" the management idea, time "to customer demand as own duty
    Adhere to the "honest, trust, innovation, and consulting" the management idea of ChengPang Precision (suzhou) CO., LTD., founded in 1990 in Taiwan, y and founded in suzhou in 2002 (hereinafter referred to as: ChengPang seiko, registered trademark: CPG) is a set design, processing, production, sales, maintenance services in the integration of high quality enterprise specialized in the research and development and production gear speed reducer.
    ChengPang seiko inception, always adhere to the "truth-seeking, pioneering, ground handling, efficient" business philosophy, has always been to quality first, credit first then build ChengPang his own brand.
    Main products: standard IEC three-phase aluminum shell reducer motor, horizontal three-phase gear motor, high speed than three-phase gear motor, gear motor, three-phase shrinkage box flange gear speed reducer, the flange into force into force than high speed gear speed reducer, biaxial gear reducer, high speed than the biaxial gear speed reducer, single phase half iron shell reducer, and other professional deceleration device.


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    Implements uninterrupted with picture for customer service, timely collection of market information, some grasp the customer reasons, all-round to provide customers personalized service brand
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